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Welcome to G-Monkey™️ – where good food meets a greener world!
At G-Monkey™️, it’s not just a name; it’s a Revolution rooted in freedom and a passion for Conscious Consumerism and Plant-Fueled™️ Living, marking a new era of forward-thinking.
Our mission at G-Monkey™️ is to redefine the “Green Thing,” turning it into an exciting culinary journey. We challenge even the most devoted junk food enthusiasts, proving that clean and green eating can surpass expectations in satisfaction.

Our straightforward mission is to serve delicious, healthy, and fun food that respects the environment and animals.

Breaking barriers and rooted in freedom, conscious consumerism, and eco living, G-Monkey ™️ inspires our community to make informed choices about their food.

Explore our mouthwatering menu, and be part of G-Monkey’s ™️ mission to make eco-friendly living cool and thrilling. From delectable dishes to stylish merchandising, we’re turning the “Green Thing” into a culinary adventure. Join the G-Monkey ™️ Revolution, support our vision, and let’s make sustainable living a delightful experience!

Why the name G-Monkey™️?

We often get asked why we chose the name
G-Monkey™️, probably a thousand times, and what it means! Well, the symbolic richness of our G-Monkey™️ logo delves into various layers and meanings. Monkeys, revered for their social wit, magnetic personality, and profound spirituality, inspire our logo, deeply rooted in ancient cultures, portraying the monkey as a highly evolved and socially conscious being.

“Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels!” ✌️

Ami Beach — G-Monkey Fast Food™ co-owner and Head Plant-Pusher

In alignment with our commitment to a plant-fueled menu, monkeys, primarily herbivores, personify the ethos of G-Monkey™️ through their curiosity, cleverness, inventiveness, and playful approach. Featuring a Green monkey head with a playful winking eye, our logo goes beyond mere symbolism. It visually represents our green business ethics and celebrates the limitless possibilities.
The “G” in G-Monkey™️ is an open canvas for creativity, inviting diverse interpretations—whether it signifies Green, Global, Garden, or Glow, let your imagination soar. Our logo captures a fusion of ancient wisdom, modern ethos, and boundless imagination, embodying the vibrant and conscientious essence of G-Monkey’s ™️ food truck experience.

I Speak Vegan

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